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About La Salle PictureLa Salle, Almere is the newest branch of the international La Salle University family. The La Salle Universities combine the prestige of 300 years of history in 74 universities and business schools across the globe. La Salle, Almere Campus offers a wide range of high quality educational programs including master degrees, executive education and professional training designed to specifically fit the needs of the emerging global work market.Our mission is to offer a world-class education within a global framework in order to provide students with the skills and hands – on experience required for professional success. At La Salle Almere, we elevate our students to the realm of 21st century innovators, thought leaders and agile change agents.

Via experiential learning techniques, (learning by doing) La Salle, Almere Campus offers courses and programs in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Project Management, International Business, Online Marketing, Multimedia (Design, Production & Development), Serious Games & Gamification Campaigns, Data Mining and Caring Robots. La Salle, Almere is dedicated to cultivating vibrancy in an environment in which people, ideas, business and technology collide in new and interesting ways.

La Salle, Almere Campus has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University and the CMEC, Tufts University, MIT, and Windesheim University to form a coalition of like –minded institutions dedicated to being on the bleeding edge of education and technology.
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