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Architecture and Urbanism: Sustainability Aspects

One course in two cities! The course examines the architecture and urbanism of two European cities (Barcelona and Almere) with a very different cultural and historical background. Barcelona was founded as a Roman city and has been growing through the ages; Almere is the youngest city in The Netherlands and has jumped straight into the future. But there is something they have in common: they both put innovation into perspective and have sustainability in the core business of their development.


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Dates and Schedule

Week 1: from 06.07.2015 to 10.07.2015

Week 2: from 13.07.2015 to 17.07.2015


Course Duration

This course may be attended:

  • Stage 1: in Barcelona (Spain), for 1 week Full Time, between the 6th and 10th of July
  • Stage 2: in Almere (The Netherlands), for 1 week Full Time, between the 13th and 17th of July



Course Level: Basic to Intermediate

Credits: This course delivers 2.5 ECTS per stage + Certificate of Attendance


About the course

The buildings and sites to be visited are an example of an efficient use of technology and energy saving. They are all part of the change in the architectural model that is contributing to improve the daily life of the citizens and the city services management.

  • Barcelona has always been an important centre of business and culture and such traits can be traced in its urbanism and architecture: from the Roman colony, Barcino, and the still remaining walls to the middle age town with the revolutionary constructions in Catalan gothic style. From the expansion of the city in the XIX century with the Cerdà Plan, that was the framework in which Modernism was developed, to the end of the XX century, when the city reinvented itself again with the Olimpic vila and the 22@ neighbourhood.
  • Almere has established an international reputation as a cradle of modern architecture. Some of the world’s most renowned architects have left their lasting marks on the city. Their ambitious and innovative creations have transformed the city into a showcase of the 21st century urban design, with relevant buildings and experimental housing projects.



Fedde Huistra and Bas Ten Brinke.



The sessions on Urbanism and Architecture: Aspects of Sustainability will mostly be taught on site, with the support of some in-house lectures to provide the necessary background and overview. Students are encouraged to ask questions, actively participate in discussions, and comment on the reading materials assigned.



  • Know first hand how new technologies are being applied in intelligent buildings and smart cities
  • Experience what architects and town planners are doing to create a more sustainable environment
  • Understand the benefits that the city can offer through the shift from a traditional to a sustainable and intelligent model


Who should attend?

  • Everyone interested in a sustainable approach of architecture and town development, with no or limited background in this field of expertise


Price per stage*

€ 750 – Course + Course materials

* A discount will be applied in case both stages are attended. In this case the total fee is of €1250


Important note

Module will be opened only in case the minimum number of participants has been achieved. All registered participants will be informed about the go/no go decision the latest 24 hours after the module registration deadline via e-mail. Participants are kindly requested not to book their flights until formal go decision has been received.








Type of course

Summer School


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