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Intentional Leadership & Interpersonal Effectiveness

In this two-day training, you will learn the skills that are necessary to become an intentional leader. Daily hands-on workshops, discussions and personal advice will guide you in the road to effective communication and strong interpersonal skills; key factors in intentional leadership.


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Start Date

Wednesday 15th April 2015



15th March 2015


Course Duration

This course will be 2 days.

Presentation Leadership means setting the right goals, communicating ideas, and delivering results. Intentional leaders create value within an organization. Intentional leadership has been directly associated with, amongst all other things, higher group level financial and project performance.About the courseThis 2 day training focuses on the tools and concrete skills necessary to become an intentional leader and the importance of effective communication and interpersonal skills in that leadership. You will improve your leadership skills and learn the necessary techniques to become an intentional leader through a conscious and self-aware process of reflection and choice. This workshop focuses on several key skills required for excellence in leadership at any level.



This is an interactive course which will combine daily hands-on workshops, discussions and  practical, actionable advice for each participant. We will use real-life scenarios from the participants’ work lives.


Course Syllabus

Topics covered include:

Module 1

– Defining leadership (good & bad)
– Where are you now?
– Defining your current leadership style
– POS (Personal Operating System)
– Interpersonal Communication
– Johari Window
– Core Question: How can an aspiring leader create a plan to be a “superb leader?”

Module 2

– Effects of poor leadership
– 7 Views of leadership
– Agile learning
– The Golden circle
– Core Question: What are the traits of an intentional leader?
– Closing remarks/feedback


After this training experience, participants will:
– Understand the sources of leadership
– Reflect on their leadership  style
– Know the concept of Intentional Leadership.
– Be more aware of their communication style
– Learn three models for understanding communication and interpersonal effectiveness
– Practice Intentional Leadership within the context of their particular work environments

Who should attend?

– Middle managers
– Emerging leaders
– High potentials



€ 1080


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