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Sharella-e1415025857780Sharella R. Martha

Sharella Martha (1964) has a passion in facilitating human beings developing themselves. Human beings must shine and prosper in life. It fascinates her to see people with high selfesteem, who think positive, are creative and independent. She thinks that a trainer/teacher can always make a difference in the development of a human being, whether it is behavioral, intellectual or on the ability level. An important tool for training
is the curriculum.

Since she graduated at the Applied Educational Science and Technology Study at the University of Twente, The
Netherlands (1990), she has been focusing on education and training at all levels, from policy (Ministry of
Education/Government), University, all school levels, businesses to illiterate workers.

Besides developing educational materials for school, teachers, leaders of pre-school program and children, trainings material for businesses, (apprenticeship) program for High school and University, she developed various own courses, “Being a Teacher”, “Curriculum development”, “Project management”, “Training management”, “Motivational program for young adults”, “The leader within you” and “Start and stay in
business” to name a few and manuals for youth motivation programs (SNAYDP) regarding starting their own business, self-esteem, gender, self-confidence, interpersonal relationship, family and work-attitude.

After so many different experiences, she considers herself a Trainer of trainers. She owns an Advice bureau “Mijn Eigen Route” (My own way) where she gives support in Integrated personal development.